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Amit Goswami – Quantum Economics

Amit Goswami discusses his book Quantum Economics – Unleashing the Power of an Economics of Consciousness.

In view of the 2007/2008 global economic meltdown and the financial chaos that has followed in its wake, it’s obvious that the current economic systems are not working. But economists don’t have a clue about how to successfully modify the existing models. Meanwhile, political institutions around the world are bogged down in paralysis and conflict, and still see only the same old ineffective methods for dealing with the crisis: either the demand side or the supply side model of government intervention.

Quantum Economics is written for both the businessperson and the consumer, and touches upon important issues like creativity and ethics in business and finance. It takes us into 21st century vital energy technologies which are already feasible and which will form an essential part of the economic picture in the future. It informs the reader that the time has come to look for jobs that bring meaning and value into their personal lives. It gives quantum hints for new business leadership: a viable science of manifestation, how to revitalize the business arena, how to transform the energy of money, how to deal with globalization and keep the free market free, how to achieve an economy of sustainability and prevent economic meltdowns, and how to eliminate, once and for all, poverty and hunger. The old way of doing things is broken – it’s time for something new.

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