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Amit Goswami – Quantum Consciousness: The Mind of God

Dr. Amit Goswami discusses some of the ideas and concepts in his book God Is Not Dead: What Quantum Physics Tells Us about Our Origins and How We Should Live.

Dr. Goswami’s hypothesis is that quantum physics holds the key to all the unsolved mysteries of biology – the nature and origin of life, fossil gaps of evolution, why evolution proceeds from simple to complex, and why biological beings have feeling and consciousness. In God Is Not Dead, Goswami moves beyond theory and shows how a God-based science puts ethics and values where they belong: at the centre of our lives and societies. He provides a scientific model that steers between scientific materialism and religious fundamentalism; a model that has implications for how we live both individually and collectively.

Dr. Goswami is a theoretical nuclear physicist and professor emeritus of physics at the University of Oregon, where he taught for 30 years. He was featured in the hit movie What the Bleep Do We Know? and in Who’s Driving the Dream Bus? He is the author of many books, including The Self-Aware Universe, and is considered the founder of the new paradigm of science called science within consciousness.


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