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Adam Taggart – Living With Purpose

Unfulfilled by your job? Wish that the work you do on a daily basis was more aligned with the person you really are? You are not alone. In fact, a majority of workers would chose a different career path if given the chance. The reasons are varied. Some simply experience a bad fit with the career that fate steered them into. Many others, however, fear that their expertise (or lack of it) will have little or no relevance in a future shaped by increasing financial crises, energy shortages and environmental collapse.

But the reality is, most people don’t take the steps to find a more meaningful path. The potential life upheaval and uncertainty that can come with a full-scale career transition often prove too daunting and overwhelming for most people, and so they resign themselves to a future of lowered expectations and simply enduring their job.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In his new book Finding Your Way to Your Authentic Career, Peak Prosperity’s Adam Taggart shows how, through a process of self-discovery, we can break the unfulfilling patterns of the past and align our work with our passions, natural abilities, and values.

The profound problems that the World is facing will ensure that the next twenty years will be completely unlike the last twenty years. Jobs for life are gone. Cosy career paths are rapidly becoming things of the past. But with challenge comes opportunity. Change is on its way, but how we face it – or even embrace it – will have far-reaching effects on our future wealth, health, and happiness.


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