Tag: transhumanism

Vlatko Vedral – Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information

May 13, 2014

Vlatko Vedral on Decoding Reality - The Universe as Quantum Information. What is the nature of reality? Why is there...


Gary Lachman – Caretakers of the Cosmos

April 05, 2014

Gary Lachman discusses his book The Caretakers of the Cosmos: Living Responsibly in an Unfinished World, which brings together many...


Robert Howells – The Last Pope and the Fall of the Vatican

November 30, 2013

Robert Howells discusses his book The Last Pope - Francis and the Fall of the Vatican. Nearly a thousand years...


Thomas Roberts – The Psychedelic Future of the Mind

October 12, 2013

Dr. Thomas Roberts discusses his new book The Psychedelic Future of the Mind which explores scientific and medical research on...