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Thomas Sheridan – The Druid Code: Magic, Megaliths and Mythology Part One

October 20, 2016

Thomas Sheridan discusses his book The Druid Code: Magic, Megaliths and Mythology. The Druid Code sets out to examine the...


Mark Olly – Revealing the Green Man

August 03, 2016

On a journey through myths and legends, magic and folklore, we explore the mystery of The Green Man. From the...


Mark Vidler – Sacred Geometry of the Earth

May 15, 2016

Mark Vidler discusses Sacred Geometry of the Earth - The Ancient Matrix of Monuments and Mountains. From continent to continent...


Graham Phillips – The Lost Tomb of King Arthur

May 05, 2016

Graham Phillips discusses his book The Lost Tomb of King Arthur - The Search for Camelot and the Isle of...


Paul Devereux – Stone Age Soundtracks

April 28, 2016

Paul Devereux discusses his book Stone Age Soundtracks - The Acoustic Archaeology of Ancient Sites. Until recently, almost all archaeological...


Frank Joseph – Our Dolphin Ancestors

April 19, 2016

Frank Joseph discusses his book Our Dolphin Ancestors - Keepers of Lost Knowledge and Healing Wisdom. Wild animals avoid contact...


Colin E. Davis & Melissa Mari – Cracking the Codes of Cosmic Darkness: Part One

March 25, 2016

Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari discuss their book Shadow Tech - Cracking the Codes of Personal and Collective Darkness....


James Swagger – Halloween is Not What it Seems…

October 31, 2015

James Swagger discusses the origins of Halloween. Most of us know little or nothing about the origins of Halloween. Beyond...


Graham Hancock – Magicians of the Gods

October 12, 2015

A giant comet that had entered the solar system from deep space thousands of years earlier, broke into multiple fragments,...


Courtney Brown – Aliens On Iapetus

June 11, 2015

Courtney Brown discusses The Farsight Institute's latest project Aliens On Iapetus. This remote viewing documentary focuses on what appears to...