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Rory Mac Sweeney – Orphans of the Stars

December 10, 2015

Dr. Rory Mac Sweeney discusses some of the ideas in his book The Paradox of Lucid Dreaming - A Metaphysical...


Tom Campbell – Life, the Universe and Everything: Part Two

August 21, 2015

In this episode we delve into unseen realms, the nature of existence, the origin of the Universe, and that which...


Philip Comella – The Collapse of Materialism

June 27, 2015

Philip Comella discusses his book The Collapse of Materialism - Visions of Science, Dreams of God. Can human consciousness be...


Susan Martinez – Delusions in Science and Spirituality

May 16, 2015

Susan Martinez discusses her latest book Delusions in Science and Spirituality - The Fall of the Standard Model and the...