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Thomas Sheridan – Alternative Media and 10 Years of Legalise Freedom

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  1. Albert Woods says:

    What a great conversation. Particularly enjoyed the ruminations towards the end on the function of alt. media in the scheme of cosmic destiny. Legalise Freedom certainly feels like an ally in my own personal unfolding. I’ve been listening since 2017, a critical point in my life. I believe it was your interview with John Michael Greer on Brexit I came across first. It was truly a portal out of the reality bubble that was stifling my spirit. Everything from the intro music, to even the name itself, ‘Legalise Freedom’, made me feel connected to a sense of limitless possibility. Love Sheridan’s work too, a more recent discovery. Big thanks to both of you!

    1. Greg Moffitt says:

      Thanks for your comments and for being on board for so long! In Greer, Sheridan, and so many others I feel a sense of family.

  2. Denise James says:

    Congratulations Greg on 10 years! 💕😘

  3. Denise James says:

    Great conversation gentlemen. @48:00 I was thinking this a few days ago. That I am on a different time-line, yet in parallel with this other one.

    1. Greg Moffitt says:

      None of us actually exist in exactly the same world. As close as they might be, reality for each individual is different.

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