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The Astrology of 2012

Helen Sewell on the astrology of 2012. Topics discussed include: 2012, astrology, astronomy, psychology, science Vs spirituality, 9/11, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the London Olympics, societal collapse, beyond 2012 and the mass awakening of human consciousness.

Helen is a fully qualified professional astrologer with 25 years experience. She first became interested in astrology through reading books on the Sun signs when she was a teenager and it was then that she realised there was a definite correlation between what she read and the characteristics she could recognise in the people she knew. As Helen’s astrological reading broadened, Liz Greene became her favourite author and she then decided to take the opportunity to train under her guidance at the Centre for Psychological Astrology at Regents College in London. After four years Helen attained the Diploma in Psychological Astrology and went on to set up a private practice.

After meeting Geoff Stray in 2002, and reading his book Beyond 2012, Helen has been looking at the astrological significance of this time and has reached some very interesting conclusions. In recent years Helen has also become interested in the bigger cycles of the outer planets and how they affect individual countries and society at large.


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