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Rory Mac Sweeney – Awaken in the Dream

Dr. Rory Mac Sweeney discusses some of the ideas in his book The Paradox of Lucid Dreaming – A Metaphysical Theory of Mind.

This is a three part interview. Part one is here.

During today’s show we delve deep into the dream space, discussing how the barriers between dreams and reality, and between mind and matter are dissolving as we awaken once again to the true nature of the world and the wider cosmos – one of paradox, illusion and constant change. The cosmos and the so-called laws which govern it are not static. The dualistic model of reality promoted by Western materialist reductionism is revealing itself as just another dogma. The scientific method has brought us many benefits, but the core concept that some empirical reality actually exists is constantly and increasingly being challenged by our lived experience of subjective realities and the limits of mass consensual reality. If you think you’re awake you’re dreaming, and if you know you’re dreaming, you’re awake…


Greg Moffitt on Reality Check Podcast with Rory Mac Sweeney.

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