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Ronald Green – It’s About Time

Ronald Green discusses his book Time to Tell: A Look at How We Tick.

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Whether or not time is ultimately an illusion, the matrix of clocks, calendars, timetables and deadlines which regiments our lives is not what it at first appears to be. We frequently experience objective clock time very differently from the subjective time which marks our inner lives, that bittersweet feeling of time flying when you’re having fun. Quantum physics is also suggesting some perturbing possibilities about the nature of time: do past, present, and future somehow co-exist? Can events in the present or even the future affect past events, so-called retrocausality? Is there really such a thing as the present moment? Can anything exist outside of time? As the days, months, and years roll by, and our daily routines trundle along, we don’t care to think a great deal about time, its inexorable march little more than a one-way trip towards the annihilation of everything we are. And yet, we are creatures of time and in time, dwelling on the past, worrying about the future, all the while being encouraged to ‘live in the moment’.

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