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Reece Girven – Money, Make-believe and Mass Hypnosis

Reece Girven discusses the deception at the heart of our debt-based monetary system, and the Quantar Trading Network, a radical new concept designed to replace it.

From the age of the goldsmiths to the present day, the modern banking model has been transformed from a simple safe-keeping service into a monstrous money-from- nothing Ponzi scheme. What was once commodity-based currency now exists largely as little more than mere numbers on a computer screen. And where once banks could lend only that which their customers deposited, loans are now created from thin air on a whim and at a keystroke. Known as fractional reserve banking, the lending at interest of money that does not exist is now out of control, and day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, the global debt mountain continues to grow.

There is a way out of this monetary maze but thus far The Lords of Finance – the faceless central bankers and bureaucrats of this world – have refused to acknowledge this, insisting instead on pursuing their own selfish interests and naked greed. In asking the question – If everyone’s in debt who has the money? – perhaps we might look to them. Some have argued that the endgame in all of this is indentured slavery for the masses in a cashless society matrix of total control. Others that the financial elite themselves are simply flying blind, their sociopathic pursuit of exorbitant wealth driving the Earth and all life upon it to catastrophic environmental collapse. Whatever the fundamental causes, however, it’s clear that the global financial system is becoming increasingly unstable and, should it falter yet again or even fall, no-one and nothing will escape the aftermath. For the time being, we still have a future, but until we change money, we change nothing.

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