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Phil Escott – Holistic Health and Natural Healing

Phil Escott discusses alternative approaches to health and healing, including some of the subjects raised in his book Arthritis – The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me.

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Modern medicine and mainstream healthcare are minefields of conflicting information and advice struggling to meet a constant stream of emerging threats and newly diagnosed conditions. For all that developed and even developing nations are today supposed to be living longer and better than ever, there are worrying trends in an entire constellation of chronic illnesses, and a disturbing decline in mental health. From diabetes to cancer, from autism to clinical depression, cases continue to multiply.

Despite our scientific and technological sophistication, and in fact in large part because of it, we have created an incredibly toxic environment for ourselves. Beyond pollution of our air and water, a host of other problems from electromagnetic radiation and artificial light, to our schizophrenic relationship with food and fitness, conspire to make us unwell. Factor in societal pressures such as stress around money, work, and relationships, and we find ourselves facing an almost overwhelming assault. And yet questioning received wisdom about health and wellness can be extremely challenging. We live in a system geared towards treating symptoms, not causes, and in which profit all too often comes before people. Cutting through the confusion, however, reveals truths which we have always known: that the human body functions as a single system, mental health is intimately linked to physical well-being, and – beyond extreme trauma – the body can heal itself given a genuine chance.


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