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Paul Rosenberg – The Seasons of Empire

Paul Rosenberg of Freeman’s Perspective discusses the rise and fall of civilizations. Over the ages, great civilizations and mighty empires have come and gone in a remarkably similar pattern. From Sumer to Egypt, from Greece to Rome, all have crashed from triumph to tragedy. The British built the largest empire in history, only to see it disintegrate in the aftermath of war. Since then, the USA has assumed the mantle of the World’s dominant power, winning a war of attrition against the former Soviet Union whilst waging real and increasingly bloody wars for resources across the globe.

But are the days of the American Empire numbered? Has it fallen prey to corruption, greed, hubris and arrogance like so many before it? Is a new power waiting in the wings to take its place, or does the decline of US hegemony mark the beginning of the end of industrial civilization as we know it? If so, what – if anything – can we do about it?

Freeman’s Perspective is unlike any newsletter you’ve ever read. There’s no stock picking, no economic analysis and they don’t get bogged down in analyzing the lies and doublespeak of politicians. It’s not theory but practical, actionable strategies for finding clarity in an unclear world. It invites you to see the world as it really is, how current events fit into the disturbing big picture, and what you can do to protect yourself.


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