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Mitch Horowitz – The Power of Sex Transmutation

Mitch Horowitz discusses his book The Power of Sex Transmutation.

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For most people, sex is simply about pleasure or procreation, and sometimes a bit of both. But what if I told you that it holds the potential to transform your entire life and help you achieve your ultimate hopes, dreams, and ambitions? A man will do almost anything, go to almost any lengths, to get a woman he truly desires. Drive, determination, creativity, and ingenuity suddenly appear to be at his fingertips as he pursues his passion. Now, imagine just what might be possible were he to apply this energy and imagination to other parts of his life.

Sexual desire is the most powerful urge most of us will ever experience. Over eighty years ago, positive thinking pioneer Napoleon Hill in his seminal self-improvement book Think and Grow Rich set out ways to transform this desire and use it in pursuit of your goals. He called this technique Sex Transmutation. It was and remains the most intriguing, powerful, and misunderstood idea in Think and Grow Rich. Listen on and discover one of the least discussed dimensions of how your thoughts and intention help shape your reality.

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