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Mitch Horowitz – Is Reality What You Think It Is?

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Mitch Horowitz and Greg Moffitt in conversation inspired by Mitch’s latest book Uncertain Places: Essays on Occult & Outsider Experiences.

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Our contemporary culture is dominated by materialism. The materialism of conspicuous consumption, endless info-tainment, and social media addiction, and the materialism which tells us that the entire universe and life itself are random accidents utterly devoid of meaning or purpose. But modern materialism, however you look at it, is falling apart.

The latest developments in quantum physics and psychic research have already fatally undermined materialism’s self-declared monopoly on truth, often by using the very scientific methods once used to debunk them. But unlike celebrity gossip or political fear mongering, news of paradigm shifts in our understanding of reality spreads slowly. This will change.

Cutting edge consciousness research strongly suggests that mind, not matter, is the ground of reality. On both an individual and collective level, the implications of this are vast. If the cascading crises currently plaguing our planet are simply reflections of false beliefs about ourselves, each other, and reality as a whole, then we have the power – each of us starting with ourselves, right now – to change everything.

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  1. Kate McFlinn says:

    Very helpful talk

    Thank you

    1. Greg Moffitt says:

      Glad you found it useful, thanks!

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