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Lewis Dartnell – How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch

Lewis Dartnell discusses his book The Knowledge – How to Rebuild our World from Scratch.

Maybe it was a viral pandemic, or an asteroid strike, or perhaps nuclear war. Whatever the cause, the world as we know it has ended and you and the other survivors must start again. What key knowledge would you need to start rebuilding civilisation from scratch? Once you’ve scavenged what you can, how do you begin producing the essentials? How do you grow food, generate power, prepare medicines, or get metal out of rocks? Could you avert another dark age or take shortcuts to accelerate redevelopment?

Living in the modern world, we have become disconnected from the basic processes that support our lives, as well as the fundamentals of science that enable us to relearn things for ourselves. The Knowledge is a journey of discovery, a book which explains everything you need to know about everything. It’s a quick start guide for rebooting civilisation which will transform your understanding of the world – and help you prepare for when it’s no longer here.


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