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John Michael Greer – The Truth About Brexit

John Michael Greer discusses the origins and potential outcome of the European Union’s ongoing meltdown.

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The recent Brexit referendum in the UK was never meant to happen. The result of a miscalculated attempt by former British Prime Minister David Cameron to neutralize the right wing UK Independence Party, Brexit has plunged the nation into a constitutional crisis. While 48% of the electorate voted for the UK to remain within the European Union, 52% voted to leave. As a result, the country is now deeply divided, and the rancour of a bitterly fought campaign has merely intensified since the outcome became clear. The total lack of planning for a vote to quit the EU is also starkly evident in the chaotic in-fighting and back-stabbing that has marred the political aftermath. So just how did this unintended mayhem come about?

At the core of the crisis but unacknowledged by the political class, mainstream media, and society at large are serious systemic problems affecting the economy, the environment, and the very foundations of our industrial society. These problems existed before Brexit, and they exist now. They would have remained exactly the same whether we voted ‘leave’ or ‘remain’. The problems are global and they are not going away. They are, in fact, getting worse. If you need any evidence for this, one need only observe the utter farce masquerading as the current US Presidential election or, closer to home, the ominous rise of the far right in most, if not all, European Union countries. Until these harsh realities are fully faced, the pundits, pollsters, and politicians will continue to get it wrong. The kaleidoscope has been shaken, the pieces are in flux, and the sky is black with birds coming home to roost. When they do, they will reorder this world.

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