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John Michael Greer – Beyond Collapse: The Future of Civilization

John Michael Greer discusses the retirement of his popular blog The Archdruid Report, his latest venture Ecosophia, and the future of our civilization.

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Over the years, John has written more than most and about as much as can be said concerning the decline and fall of industrial civilization. As the converging crises in energy, economics, and the environment continue to unfold, and politics plunges to new lows, he is making a shift in emphasis away from past paradigms and towards a spiritual perspective which may help salvage some meaning and purpose from the wreckage of our doomed society. Reflecting the subject matter of John’s regular column in the post-apocalyptic periodical Into The Ruins, we also discuss how the dystopian science fiction of the past presciently described the dysfunction and disintegration of the present. On a plastic planet of suburban sprawl, metastasizing strip malls, and streets paved with cheeseburgers, the fast food fantasy land where anything goes and nothing matters is fast going away. As we sift through our hopes and fears for the future and strive to see beyond collapse, can we somehow survive the coming storm?

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