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Jim Elvidge – Digital Consciousness: The True Nature of Reality? Part One

Jim Elvidge discusses his book Digital Consciousness: A Transformative Vision.

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Our reality is not what it appears to be. The latest physics experiments demonstrate that an objective reality simply does not exist. Despite its immense value to humanity, modern science’s claim that it can account for the depth and diversity of experience, and in the foreseeable future explain the fundamental nature of reality, goes too far. Modern mainstream science maintains that matter is all that matters, and that the seemingly-solid three-dimensional world of our five senses is all there really is. But the list of phenomena adequately accounted for by the physical sciences is outstripped by those it cannot explain and instead simply chooses to ignore.

The most profound of these is the riddle of consciousness itself. The best hypothesis proffered by mainstream science is that consciousness is a mere epiphenomenon of the brain, a by-product which arises when organisms reach a certain degree of complexity. But what if the opposite were true? What if that which we call matter actually arises within mind, a universal sea of consciousness forming the fundamental ground of reality? Not only does this model reflect ancient spiritual and wisdom traditions spanning the globe and reaching back into pre-history, when unified with cutting edge quantum physics, it forms the basis for an all-encompassing cosmology offering answers to the eternal questions of existence and the deepest mysteries of life.

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