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Jasun Horsley – Transhumanism and the Colonisation of Space

Jasun Horsley discusses transhumanism and the colonization of space. The talk draws upon Jasun’s book Prisoner of Infinity – UFOs, Social Engineering, and the Psychology of Fragmentation.

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Despite the idealism and hope surrounding the first manned space flights and missions to the Moon, in their wake the drive to explore and colonise space seemed to stall, or even regress. Dreams of cities on Mars and beyond appeared to be just that – dreams. Today, however, the space race is on again like never before, with Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin, and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic just three of the high-profile companies leading the charge. But what lies behind this flurry of activity? Are the forces driving technological development changing?

Then we have the technologies of transhumanism such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology, cybernetics, cloning, mind-machine melding, mind-uploading, and others. The nexus between these and the new space race is highly significant, and not a little sinister. Transcend the body, escape the Earth, achieve immortality among the stars, and all those nasty political, economic, and social problems simply dissolve. But walking away won’t be so easy, especially when our predicament has its origin in the way we think about ourselves, each other, and our place in the world. This entire agenda is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of life, death, and consciousness, a new understanding of which is urgently needed if our species is to survive.

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