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James Tunney – Dawn of The Automatons: The Coming Slave New World

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The latest in an ongoing series of dialogues with James Tunney exposing the assault on humanity by the emerging global scientific dictatorship. James’ latest book is Plantation of the Automatons – Rule of an Automaticity Loop

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What was once science fiction is rapidly becoming science fact. You will own nothing and be happy, immersed in a virtual reality of games, pornography, and mindless distractions. You will be discouraged from reproducing therefore you will not be replaced. The goal of a post-human planet envisages a much smaller population and in time, no real population at all. We are at a crossroads in the evolution of the human race. The future is taking shape in the present.

The assault is triple-pronged:

  • Technology – Complete control and surveillance under the guise of entertainment and security.
  • Technocracy – Rule by unelected, unaccountable, technical and scientific ‘experts’.
  • Transhumanism – The ‘augmentation’ of the human mind and body by science and technology with the eventual goal of eliminating the species entirely through a process of total transformation.

Developments to watch out for as the agenda advances:

  • Social credit systems – Rewards for ‘good’ behaviour.
  • Mandatory vaccinations – ‘Passports’ for international travel.
  • Digital currency – Cashless society, all transactions recorded.
  • Universal Basic Income – Subsistence income instead of a job. This can be withdrawn for ‘bad’ behaviour.

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  1. Nadim Mahi-Bahi says:

    In my part of the world, they talk a lot about the ¨great resignation¨. And when I talk to people about that, everyone’s response is ¨where have those people gone?¨ ( it’s funny cause there’s still plenty of traffic jams but no one’s going to work?) After a year or two of the situation not changing, I’m pretty sure they have pushed this meme and not done anything about it to finally say; ¨we have to automatize everything since there’s not enough workers¨. Then people will accept it.

    As well, I’m very suspicious of all those services advertised on podcast I listen to that offer subscription based services, like food, clothes or else. All delivered to your door. I never saw what was appealing to have a company sending you the portion of food you need to cook a meal they decided you’d be having…

  2. Patrick Burdell says:

    Excellent show ,feels like so many people involved in popular science fiction culture all went along with this.I wonder if the plantation system grew its own cheerleaders.

    1. Greg Moffitt says:

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

    2. James Newland says:

      Well I think it did. During the empire people were very self assured that we British had all the answers because we could make nice shiny mechanical things and the “savages” in the far flung corners could not, and we just assumed that everyone would want a grandfather clock, an aluminium saucepan, a railway, a reservoir, a red brick house with an upstares, a flushing toilet, running water and all the other mod cons that we “clever people” were discovering we could do. People absolutely believed we were on the path to a heavenly existence. We are now experiencing the reality of this “heaven” and are having second thoughts, but remember, we have only really had this “heaven” for about 5 years! Maybe not even that, perhaps only a month or two, for many people who were hungering after it. It’s only when the present we have always wanted for christmas finaly shows up and we have taken off the wrapping that we start to realise that it worked much better as a fantasy rather than reality.

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