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J.M. Harrison – Humanity, Insanity, and the Ascent of the Soul

Jonathan Harrison discusses his book You Are This: Awakening to the Living Presence of Your Soul. Whether step by step or in the wake of sudden shocks, increasing numbers of people are questioning the meaning of their lives and that of the world around them. As a result, some are even drawn to doubt their own sanity. But what at first might appear as a disastrous disintegration of daily life may in fact emerge as a revitalising re-birth; the dawning of a wider reality and a deeper sense of self infinitely more meaningful than the maze of matter-of-fact materialism through which so many of us have wandered for millennia.

But in rejecting the primacy of worldly being, do we run the risk of going too far? Is this life really an illusion, or does truth, reality or any other concept we care to conceive of, reside beyond the domain of duality and non-duality? Whatever our world-view – atheist, agnostic, humanist, spiritual, religious, the list goes on – the integration of separate and divisive identities may hold the key to the next stage in human evolution as we awaken to the understanding that mind and matter both matter, and that all is one just as all things are unique.


Cliff Martinez ‘Traffic OST’
Steve Hauschildt ‘Where All Is Fled’

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