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Gary Evans – Listening to the Past

Many ancient sites such as the Great Pyramid in Egypt and Stonehenge in England appear to have unusual acoustic properties which suggest that these places had a purpose not yet recognised by mainstream archaeology. Resonating frequencies and other forms of sound have long been associated with altered states of consciousness and other spiritual and mystical experiences. Certain properties of many ancient sites indicate that they were designed to focus, concentrate and in some cases generate powerful energies including sound. Is it possible that they served a sacred ceremonial function intended to affect the brain and body, taking us beyond our crude intellect and into a more intuitive state of mind?

The building methods used on many ancient sites also remain a mystery to us. Is it possible that sound played a part in their construction? Were the massive blocks of stone used in places like the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge perhaps quarried, transported and lifted into place by some subtle technology now lost in the mists of time?

Although there appear to be more questions than answers, the evidence suggests that in high antiquity, humans thought very differently than they do now. Their entire worldview and concept of what was possible seems radically different from our own, based on a more integrated state of mind unburdened by the left brain dominance that is responsible for much of the chaos and destruction in the world today. In looking back, maybe can we learn how to move forward.

Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge

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