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Daniel Drasin – A New Science of the Afterlife

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Daniel Drasin discusses his book A New Science of the Afterlife – Space, Time, and the Consciousness Code

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Sharing his more than three decades of research into the afterlife and paranormal phenomena, award-winning documentary filmmaker Daniel Drasin shows that the continuity of human consciousness beyond the physical body and after death constitutes a legitimate area of scientific inquiry and that it can be objectively demonstrated.

Drasin begins by revealing how our belief in materialism – through its effects on our social norms, taboos, and even language – has deeply constrained our civilization’s understanding of the nature of space, time, life, death, and consciousness. However, our deeply ingrained cultural habits tied to materialism have begun to change. Drasin explores 15 promising post-materialist scientific investigations currently underway, focusing in depth on examples that offer the most objectively irrefutable evidence for the survival of consciousness.

Drasin shows how, by thinking and speaking about death and the survival of consciousness in new ways, we can facilitate a clearer, more relaxed, comfortable, and rational conversation about what awaits us all sooner or later on the other side of life.

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    Great conversation and good rapport between you which provided a lot to think about

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