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Courtney Brown – Aliens On Iapetus

Courtney Brown discusses The Farsight Institute’s latest project Aliens On IapetusThis remote viewing documentary focuses on what appears to be a huge set of structures on the surface of Iapetus, a moon of Saturn. The apparent structures are clearly visible in a photograph that was taken by the Cassini space probe that still orbits Saturn. We now know what these things are, who built them, and why. We also know what happened to those who stayed there, and how they died. This was not a military outpost, not a spy base, nor an industrial or mining location. It is actually more amazing than anything anyone could have imagined.

The project’s findings also pose some fascinating questions: How similar were the beings on Iapetus to ourselves, and can their story teach us anything about our own past and possible future? Could it be that life in the solar system did not begin on Earth but on other planets long cold and dead or even completely destroyed? And does our selective blindness to the cosmic catastrophes of high antiquity obscure terrible truths now all but lost in the mists of time? Cutting edge physics and emerging research into psychic phenomena may just offer some answers.


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