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Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari – V is for Virus: Part Two

Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari discuss the 2020 Coronavirus Crisis. In this two-part show, we examine some of the inconsistencies surrounding the official story concerning so-called COVID-19, and also the deeper psycho-spiritual dimensions of the virus. Part one is here

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Beyond government propaganda, mass media manipulation, and the deadliest pandemic of all – fear – the key to the current crisis lies hidden in the deepest recesses of the human psyche. Despite the promise and potential embodied in the secular religions of science and progress, it is clear that we have entered the 21st Century profoundly disconnected from each other, from the natural world and, ultimately, from ourselves. This separation has spawned a deadly psycho-spiritual sickness, largely unacknowledged, which manifests itself as dysfunction, destruction, and decay in the outer world. The Coronavirus Crisis is holding up a mirror so that humanity may see its own shadow, face its fears, and seize the challenge of this moment as an opportunity to evolve or die.

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