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Claire Rae Randall – The War on Gender: Depopulation, Transhumanism and The End of Humanity?

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Part two with Claire Rae Randall discussing her book The War on Gender: Postmodernism and Trans Identity

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As exposed in part one of our interview, transgender rights have recently come to the fore as a social issue and yet there are many who feel that this is being pushed too far and too fast. It has gone from being a marginal issue to one that is now having a disproportionate influence on social values.

However, the radical trans activist agenda to devalue, disrupt and even destroy social and cultural institutions and replace them with nothing but chaos and confusion seems to make no sense. Evolved over hundreds of thousands if not millions of years of human history, well-developed gender roles and archetypes – with very few exceptions – have allowed our species to adapt to wildly varying environments the world over, with plenty of room left for those who simply do not conform to majority gender patterns. So what’s really going on? Delving deep into the dark side of the radical trans movement, we uncover a profoundly anti-human, anti-life agenda involving population reduction, transhumanism and, ultimately, the end of the human race as we know it.

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  1. Patrick Burdell says:

    Excellent show ,the transhumance/transition of gender agenda is being used by dark forces who don’t care for any of humanity and especially the people they pretend to speak for.

    1. Greg Moffitt says:

      Exactly. Thanks for listening.

  2. Nadim Mahi-Bahi says:

    A few points I would have loved to throw in;

    The guest said it’s around 2014 that she noticed something ¨wrong with the movement¨. I noticed a strange shift in the left around that time too . The left started to self sabotage and eat itself. No longer was it something based on workers and economics, it became ALL about gender. Good strategy to kill left causes for a new generation.

    Which brings me to my other point. As society becomes more complex, the right seems to have taken the lead against globalization, which was something the left was worried about in the late 90’s. Now it’s right wingers who fight for workers rights. When I hear them (i have a strange anecdote about that) they basically say lefty things, but they identify with the right since, in their eyes, the left is only about gender issues. By default, they call any politicians who support trans, like trudeau, a communist. Which he isn’t since he oppressed workers and gave billions to pharmaceutical companies. Best example is Disney, which owns everything now and make billions of dollars, iare being called communists by the right since they promote ¨woke concepts¨. The left is fighting the right and the left too. Anti fa are demonstrating against feminists and lefties are against workers. Left right are interchangable and lost their meanings. Another good way of making the the masses go schizo. (Ironically communists countries like China, don’t seem to be so down with gender fluidity. )

    Another irony I see arising, is the fact that gender fluidity came from the fringes and the counter culture (which was cool during the early punk movement) but seems the have turned into a mainstream cliche. I remember being taught that women could like stuff men like and the other way around. And stereotypes were to avoid. In fact the ideal was to destroy stereotypes. Now I see a lot of trans being the living embodiment of superficiality . A boy likes dolls, he’s a girl. A girl likes tonka trucks, she’s a boy.

    About beauty; as an illustrator I give you thumbs up for ranting about the lack of beauty. I would argue it’s not really about beauty, it’s about talent and effort. I like ugly stuff and seeing cool shit in ugly things in life. What I notice now is people with a lack of talent (or not have worked hard)is what is being promoted. As long as they have a good pedigree as far as what they identify with.

    Finally, I strongly feel the same way about that creature you mentioned. I used to roots for nerds and the more intellectual types who I though were the tribe I belonged too kinda. True the years I have seen those types act horribly. The nerds have gotten their revenge and it’s not that great.

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