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Brian Francis Culkin – The Meaning of Trump

Brian Francis Culkin discusses his book The Meaning of Trump.

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The election of Donald Trump was a shattering moment for the political sensibilities of America, immediately sending the country into a frenzy of rage, disbelief, and invective, amid a never-ending media circus that has bordered on the absurd, and arguably crossed the line. But the question still remains: what does it all mean?

The Meaning of Trump is an ideological critique that sees the election of Donald Trump as a completely natural progression to the general trajectory of digitized technologies, neoliberalism, and a new breed of financialized capitalism; destructive global forces that know no party affiliation or national boundary. Although Donald Trump is undoubtedly the symptom that has exploded to the surface after nearly four decades of failed policies and broken promises by both Republicans and Democrats alike, his election can also be seen as an existential fork in the road for both the United States and even humanity itself. What path is taken still remains to be seen.

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