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Brendan Howlin – Modern Druidry

”’Have you ever thought that there must be a better way to live your life?’

In his 2014 book The Handbook Of Urban Druidry – Modern Drudiry For All and its 2016 follow-up The Urban Ovate – The Handbook Of Psychological Druidry, Brendan Howlin holds up a lens through which you and I, if we so choose, may reconsider the path that we are on. Distracted by rampant consumerism, browbeaten by scientific materialism, and fearful of a hostile world apparently plunging into chaos, a corrosive malaise is upon us in this still-new millennium, our lives stripped of meaning and purpose by superficial societies which deny the significance of either.

With its reverence for nature, deep ecological awareness, and belief in respect for all beings, the ancient spiritual order of Druidry offers a set of guiding principles which can be adopted and adapted by anyone, religious or otherwise, to help cope with the challenges of modern life and live in harmony with the natural world, reconnecting with wholeness and, ultimately, with ourselves.

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