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Bonny Casel – Plant Consciousness in a Quantum World

Bonny Casel discusses plant consciousness and the quantum realm. Research has revealed that plants see, hear, smell, feel and communicate in profound ways but yet mainstream science refuses to acknowledge that plants are conscious life forms, mainly because they do not have a recognizable brain. However, humans evolved within the vibrational field of plants for millions of years; a vibrational field predominantly arising from plant consciousness. Quantum theory provides a meaningful understanding of how the many perfected qualities of consciousness, represented vibrationally in the plant world, provide healing on physical, emotional, mental and intuitive levels through vibrational entrainment and emergent behaviors. This wide ranging talk also takes in the role of plants in human evolution, the pharmaceutical industry and its demonization of natural healthcare, the GMO agenda, and our deep disconnect with nature and where it is leading us individually and as a species.


Bumper music: Cliff Martinez ‘Traffic OST’
Jean Michel Jarre & Tangerine Dream ‘Zero Gravity’

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