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Royce Christyn – The Science and Psychology of Positive Thinking

June 28, 2020

Royce Christyn discusses how a deeper understanding of science and psychology can aid positive thinking and manifesting practices.

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Christyn’s new book Scripting the Life You Want is so much more than just another how-to manifesting handbook; it is an exploration of the cutting-edge science which makes manifesting possible. Unlike many who claim to offer the secret of creating the life you really want, Christyn goes beyond the simplistic and superficial routines which leave so many seekers frustrated, to uncover the hidden mechanisms which shape our reality. Mechanisms understood by magicians of ages past and by media manipulators of the present day, which can be mastered by individuals to take control of their lives in these turbulent times. If you are not truly in control of your life, you can be sure that someone else is, but without insight into how our reality is created, self-mastery may remain a mystery.

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