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Mark Olly – The Way of Wyrd: Tales of an Anglo-Saxon Sorcerer

January 1, 2018

The Way Of Wyrd

Mark Olly discusses the novel The Way of Wyrd – Tales of an Anglo-Saxon Sorcerer.

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Written by psychologist and university professor Brian Bates and published in 1983, The Way of Wyrd is the story of Wat Brand, a Christian scribe sent on a mission deep into the forests of pagan Anglo-Saxon England where he finds his beliefs shaken to their core. With Wulf, a wizard, as his guide, Wat is instructed in the magical lore of plants, runes, fate, and life force until finally he journeys to the spirit world on a quest to encounter the true nature of his own soul.

Although arguably not an entirely accurate depiction of the people, places, and events of Anglo-Saxon England, The Way of Wyrd speaks to the reader on deep archetypal and symbolic levels. With each chapter functioning as some form of parable, the novel imparts teachings on psychic and paranormal powers, health and healing, nature and ecology, the human search for spiritual meaning and purpose, and the very nature of life and death.

The pagan people of this period had a quite different mode of being and seeing than the techno-industrial consciousness which currently holds sway. It was not so much an either/or mode of thought as an and/also view, more holistic and inclusive and not so literal, reductionist, and coldly rational. It is a view, ironically, which has lately been echoing through the halls of science where a picture continues to emerge of the world as fundamentally interconnected in ways which often run counter to conventional thinking. Ultimately, The Way of Wyrd‘s message transcends the limitations of language and appears as relevant as ever to a species that seems to have lost its way.

The Wisdom of the Wyrd

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Brendan Howlin – Modern Druidry

September 19, 2017

Brendan Howlin

“Have you ever thought that there must be a better way to live your life?” In his 2014 book ‘The Handbook Of Urban Druidry – Modern Drudiry For All’ and its 2016 follow-up ‘The Urban Ovate – The Handbook Of Psychological Druidry’, Brendan Howlin holds up a lens through which you and I, if we so choose, may reconsider the path that we are on. Distracted by rampant consumerism, browbeaten by scientific materialism, and fearful of a hostile world apparently plunging into chaos, a corrosive malaise is upon us in this still-new millennium, our lives stripped of meaning and purpose by superficial societies which deny the significance of either.

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John Michael Greer – Beyond Collapse: The Future of Civilization

June 13, 2017

John Michael Greer 7

John Michael Greer discusses the retirement of his popular blog The Archdruid report, his latest venture Ecosophia, and the future of our civilization. Over the years, John has written more than most and about as much as can be said concerning the decline and fall of industrial civilization. As the converging crises in energy, economics, and the environment continue to unfold, and politics plunges to new lows, he is making a shift in emphasis away from past paradigms and towards a spiritual perspective which may help salvage some meaning and purpose from the wreckage of our doomed society.

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Mark Olly – The Disappearing Ninth Legion

January 14, 2017

Mark Olly 2

Mark Olly discusses his book The Disappearing Ninth Legion. At its height, the Roman Empire dominated five million square kilometres and over twenty per cent of the entire population of the Earth, conquered by its vast army, whose prowess in battle is the stuff of legend. Amid the triumph, however, there was of course tragedy, and sometimes curious conjunctions of both. Perhaps the most notorious is the tale of the Ninth Legion, a once proud fighting force among the very best the Empire deployed, who enjoyed victory after glorious victory across centuries before disappearing without trace. The theories about their vanishing are legion themselves, but none thus far has unearthed their fate. In The Disappearing Ninth Legion, Mark Olly traces their history and tests the theories in an effort to shed light on just what may have befallen them.

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Thomas Sheridan – The Druid Code: Magic, Megaliths and Mythology Part Two

November 12, 2016

Thomas Sheridan 5

Thomas Sheridan discusses his book The Druid Code: Magic, Megaliths and Mythology. The Druid Code sets out to examine the wider concept of magic and mythology being utilised as an early form of social psychoanalysis by the druids, how magic theory developed from this, and how this evolution of ritual magic eventually made its way into folklore, witchcraft and Freemasonry. The Druid Code utilises mythology connected to sacred sites, developing a bidirectional conduit back through time, to reveal what took place in 2500BC – a shift in human consciousness that made humans what we are today. From Atlantis to alchemy, you will never see history in the same way again.

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