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Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari – V is for Virus: Part Two

May 21, 2020

Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari discuss the 2020 Coronavirus Crisis. In this two-part show, we examine some of the inconsistencies surrounding the official story concerning so-called COVID-19, and also the deeper psycho-spiritual dimensions of the virus. Part one is here

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Beyond government propaganda, mass media manipulation, and the deadliest pandemic of all – fear – the key to the current crisis lies hidden in the deepest recesses of the human psyche. Despite the promise and potential embodied in the secular religions of science and progress, it is clear that we have entered the 21st Century profoundly disconnected from each other, from the natural world and, ultimately, from ourselves. This separation has spawned a deadly psycho-spiritual sickness, largely unacknowledged, which manifests itself as dysfunction, destruction, and decay in the outer world. The Coronavirus Crisis is holding up a mirror so that humanity may see its own shadow, face its fears, and seize the challenge of this moment as an opportunity to evolve or die.

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Fear No Virus

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Thomas Lombardo – Coronapocalyse: When Science Fiction Becomes Fact

May 14, 2020

Thomas Lombardo discusses science fiction and the 2020 Coronavirus Crisis. Dystopian, post-apocalyptic sci fi has been one of the most prolific forms of popular entertainment in recent years. Visions of disintegrating societies, deserted cities, and scattered bands of survivors struggling to salvage the shreds of civilization have horrified and haunted viewers everywhere. Today, in the midst of the great Coronavirus Crisis of 2020, billions worldwide suddenly find themselves living in a surreal and disturbing version of a small screen nightmare.

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Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari – V is for Virus: Part One

May 9, 2020

Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari discuss the 2020 Coronavirus Crisis. In this two-part show, we examine some of the inconsistencies surrounding the official story about so-called COVID-19 and the heavy-handed government response to it. Was crashing the global economy and bankrupting millions of people really an appropriate response to a disease that has thus far killed the equivalent of the population of a large town? We also consider the acquiescent and apathetic public reaction to lockdowns, bans, and other draconian restrictions, and potential future implications for individual freedom. The real pandemic, as it turns out, is fear.

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Jasun Horsley – Through the Coronavirus Kaleidoscope

April 28, 2020

Jasun Horsley and I probe some of the darker dimensions of the coronavirus crisis. For millions of people worldwide, the routines and rhythms of daily life have abruptly been put on hold. Superficially, the story behind it all – that of a raging global pandemic – is simple and straightforward. However, even official accounts vary from day to day and from place to place, as infection and death rates morph and change and so-called experts contradict each other and themselves. In an era of 24/7 news, instantaneous global communications, and self-re-enforcing feedback loops, perhaps this is not so surprising.

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Mark Stavish – Coronavirus Crisis: Perception and Deception

April 22, 2020

Mark Stavish discusses discipline, responsibility, and personal freedom in the age of coronavirus. If anything in these times is not what it at first appears to be, it is the coronavirus crisis. Millions worldwide are struggling to comprehend what is happening, and how the world around them – seemingly so safe, secure, and full of certainties – could have been turned on its head practically overnight. But if your world-view flows only from the gaggle of government, media, corporate, and other trans-global organisations battling to control the narrative, then the present turmoil is simply impossible to fully understand.

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Dmitry Orlov – Coronavirus Crisis: Danger and Opportunity

April 10, 2020

Dmitry Orlov discusses the danger and opportunity of the 2020 Coronavirus crisis. “There is a lot happening in the world all at once right now. The entire planet is rapidly reconfiguring itself. The world is begging for a new post-capitalist, post-industrial order to be born…” – a quote from Orlov’s latest book ‘The Meat Generation’, published before the current crisis kicked off. The large scale, hierarchically-organised, and centrally controlled systems in energy, industry, transport, health, banking, politics – and more – upon which our modern societies depend, have once again proven dangerously unstable and inadequate when faced with serious challenges.

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Dave Gardner – Population and the Future of the Planet

April 3, 2020

Dave Gardner of World Population Balance asks: Are there too many people on planet Earth? The very subject of human population is so controversial and even taboo that it is almost impossible to discuss in any meaningful or objective manner. Those who favour population reduction are often cast as Malthusian misanthropists by their opponents, while those who believe that the Earth can easily support current and future population growth are dismissed as naïve, irresponsible, and even ecocidal.

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James Howard Kunstler – Living in the Long Emergency

March 24, 2020

James Howard Kunstler and I discuss the current coronavirus crisis and his latest book ‘Living in the Long Emergency: Global Crisis, the Failure of the Futurists, and the Early Adapters Who Are Showing Us the Way Forward’. ‘Living in the Long Emergency’ could hardly have been published at a more opportune moment, as governments worldwide and billions of citizens grapple with an unprecedented global crisis. Despite constant words of warning from Kunstler and others with a similarly keen sense of history and proclivity for joined-up thinking, we remain woefully unprepared for any disruption to the complex systems on which industrial civilization depends. More likely than not, however, we will eventually emerge blinking into the glaring light of a uncertain new dawn. Whether we then change our ways or simply fall back into our former slow-death spiral remains to be seen.

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