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COVID-19: Where Exactly is the Pandemic?

September 23, 2020

Most people’s experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has been very different from that portrayed by the media. Unable to travel, socially isolated, and imprisoned at home, the primary source of information about what’s happening in the world has been the Internet and TV. How might our perception of reality be affected by the fact that what we are told is happening differs so much from what we actually experience?


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COVID-19: Four Things to Watch For

September 22, 2020

What are the possible implications for personal freedom in the wake of the 2020 Coronavirus Crisis? Four points are briefly considered:

1. Social credit system – rewards for ‘good’ behaviour.
2. Mandatory vaccinations – ‘passport’ for international travel.
3. Digital currency – no cash, all transactions recorded.
4. Universal Basic Income – subsistence income instead of a job.



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Freedom From Fear #3 – Steve Taylor

September 19, 2020

Beginning in August 2020, ‘Freedom From Fear’ is a free-form discussion series taking the title as its starting point. In this episode, Steve Taylor and Greg Moffitt examine how our relationship with fear has changed over time as the world has become more complex and densely-populated. Aside from triggering untold levels of anxiety and hysteria, the 2020 Pandemic has served to exacerbate divisions already causing huge problems globally. Devoting so much mental and emotional energy to the situation has undoubtedly made it worse – fear rarely serves any purpose outside of fleeting moments of real danger, and living in fear is seriously counterproductive. If, however, we can make it through this mass psychosis relatively intact, opportunities for positive personal and collective transformation await.

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Freedom From Fear #2 – Kingsley Dennis

September 3, 2020

Beginning in August 2020, ‘Freedom From Fear’ is a free-form discussion series taking the title as its starting point. In this episode, Kingsley Dennis and Greg Moffitt explore fear as a response to an increasingly chaotic world. As mainstream explanations for global events increasingly ring hollow, millions of people are struggling to comprehend what’s happening to their lives. The resulting confusion and distress can cause us to close up and shut down, mentally and emotionally. Cognitive dissonance can narrow our perceptions and trigger feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Stepping back from the chaos and taking a wider view, however, can help us break out of destructive cycles of reacting and over-reacting, and place our fears in perspective.

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Freedom From Fear #1 – Jasun Horsley

August 27, 2020

Beginning in August 2020, ‘Freedom From Fear’ is a free-form discussion series taking the title as its starting point. In this episode, Jasun Horsley and Greg Moffitt explore the origins and purpose of fear, how fear can cause us to overlook the most important things in life, and how fear of the future stops us living in the present. We also discuss the pandemic of fear triggered by the current coronavirus crisis, the collective insanity infecting human consciousness, and how the root of all human fear ultimately lies in our fear of death.

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Words Are Weapons: Don’t Hex Yourself!

July 20, 2020

The language of propaganda, mind control, and mass media manipulation in the Age of COVID. Video below. Apologies for the fading light.




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COVID-19: What’s Really Happening?

July 5, 2020

Controlled demolition of the global financial system, drastic reduction in human activity due to climate change, or a bit of both?

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Frank Furedi – Coronavirus Crisis: Pandemic of Fear

June 4, 2020

Frank Furedi discusses the Coronavirus Crisis and the real pandemic – fear. COVID-19 is a disaster without precedent. Not primarily in terms of the disease itself, but in how we have responded to it. The climate of fear is such that populations worldwide have willingly abandoned their way of life, given up rights and fundamental freedoms, and accepted government-imposed lockdowns – all in the name of protection from the threat of infection. While governments were delighted that a fearful public was so ready to exchange its freedoms for the promise of safety, they now have a new problem: citizens have become too scared to leave their homes when the lockdowns end.

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Paul Levy – Coronavirus Crisis: Transformation Through Trauma

May 28, 2020

Paul Levy discusses the 2020 Coronavirus Crisis and the deeper psychological and spiritual origins of the virus. For almost twenty years, Levy has been writing about an insidious, invisible virus spreading and replicating itself throughout the human species. This deadly disease is a virus of the mind that cultivates and feeds on fear and separation. It is a true game-changer for us to recognize that the Coronavirus is literally a materialization in our world of the previously invisible virus that exists deep within the collective unconscious of humanity. What is playing out in Covid-19 can help us begin to see the deeper underlying pandemic – a collective psychological infection – that has been wreaking havoc on our species behind the scenes and beneath our awareness from time immemorial.

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Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari – V is for Virus: Part Two

May 21, 2020

Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari discuss the 2020 Coronavirus Crisis. In this two-part show, we examine some of the inconsistencies surrounding the official story concerning so-called COVID-19, and also the deeper psycho-spiritual dimensions of the virus. Beyond government propaganda, mass media manipulation, and the deadliest pandemic of all – fear – the key to the current crisis lies hidden in the deepest recesses of the human psyche. Despite the promise and potential embodied in the secular religions of science and progress, it is clear that we have entered the 21st Century profoundly disconnected from each other, from the natural world and, ultimately, from ourselves.

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