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Bernardo Kastrup – Reality? It’s All in Your Mind

April 6, 2019

Bernardo Kastrup 4

Bernardo Kastrup discusses his book The Idea of the World: A Multi-disciplinary Argument for the Mental Nature of Reality.

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In his most cogent and compelling work to date, Kastrup’s theory of reality offers a grounded alternative to the frenzy of unrestrained abstractions and unexamined assumptions in philosophy and science today. The Idea of the World makes a rigorous case for the primacy of mind in nature, examining what can be learned about the nature of reality based on conceptual parsimony, straightforward logic, and empirical evidence from fields as diverse as physics and neuroscience. It compiles an overarching case for idealism – the notion that reality is essentially mental.

The author begins by exposing the logical fallacies and internal contradictions of the reigning physicalist paradigm and popular alternatives such as panpsychism. The main objections to idealism are also systematically refuted. The book closes with an analysis of the hidden psychological motivations behind mainstream physicalism and the implications of idealism for the way we relate to each other and the world. The view of reality presented here makes sense of the many mysteries which mainstream materialist science simply cannot fathom. It reconciles the classical and quantum worlds and disposes of the so-called ‘hard problem’ of consciousness. It may even hold the secret to the origin and meaning of life.

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Brian Keating – Cosmos and Controversy: Science and the Big Questions

February 12, 2019

Brian Keating

Brian Keating, author of ‘Losing the Nobel Prize: A Story of Cosmology, Ambition, and the Perils of Science’s Highest Honor’, discusses the origin of the Universe and how science is performed, presented, and perceived. Modern science portrays itself as dispassionate and detached, with objective observers simply registering facts. But scientists are people too, with prejudices and emotions, rivalries and ambitions, hopes and fears. Pop science today is all over the media, making stars out of scientists unaccustomed to such acclaim. In an age of chaos and confusion where anti-scientific attitudes are also on the rise, can more be done to make science relevant and meaningful to the masses?

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David J. Moore – UFOs, Reality and Human Evolution Part Two

December 18, 2018

David Moore 1

David J. Moore discusses his book ‘Evolutionary Metaphors: UFOs, New Existentialism and the Future Paradigm’. People have been witnessing strange lights and objects in the sky for all of recorded history. Their modern guise as UFOs began in earnest during the 20th century, particularly in the wake of the Roswell incident in 1947. Despite thousands of reported UFO sightings, close encounters, abductions, and even crash landings, physical evidence for the existence of alien spacecraft and their inhabitants is practically non-existent. Shadow government cover-ups are claimed but official disclosure seems as far off as ever.

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Bernie Taylor – The Hero’s Journey and the Human Race – Part Two

November 26, 2018

Bernie Taylor 4

Bernie Taylor discusses his book ‘Before Orion – Finding the Face of the Hero’. The myth of the hero’s journey is at the heart of folklore worldwide among the ancients, indigenous peoples past and present, and even in our modern society as metaphors, allegories, archetypes, and symbols in popular culture. Taylor proposes that select cave paintings are fundamental pieces in the human journey to self-realization, the foundation of written language, and a record of biological knowledge that irrevocably impacted some of the artistic styles, religious practices, and stories that are still with us. He addresses a profound elephant in the room by opening up uncharted places in our history, exploring ideas unacceptable to mainstream archaeology and anthropology.

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Ervin Laszlo – The Intelligence of the Cosmos: Why Are We Here?

December 14, 2017

Ervin Laszlo 2

Ervin Laszlo discusses his book ‘The Intelligence of the Cosmos: Why Are We Here? New Answers from the Frontiers of Science’. For the outdated mainstream paradigm, the universe is a giant mechanism functioning in accordance with known and knowable laws, patterns, and regularities. But the new paradigm emerging in science offers a different concept – a universe as an interconnected, coherent whole, informed by a cosmic intelligence. This is not a finite, mechanistic, purely material model – it is a holistic system infused with consciousness, and within it, we are conscious beings who emerge and co-evolve as complex vibrations in what Laszlo calls the Akashic Field of the universe.

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Amit Goswami – Quantum Physics and the Meaning of Life

August 16, 2017

Amit Goswami 2

Amit Goswami discusses ‘The Everything Answer Book: How Quantum Physics Explains Love, Death and the Meaning of Life’. Goswami s basic premise is that quantum physics is not only the future of science, but also the key to understanding consciousness, life, death, God, and the meaning of life. Quantum physics offers an antidote to the moral sterility of scientific reductionism and mechanistic materialism, and holds the key to the clearest, most coherent understanding of our universe. In short, quantum physics is indeed the theory of everything. In The Everything Answer Book Goswami and his colleagues discuss, among other things, how quantum physics affects our understanding of thoughts, feelings and intuitions, karma, death and reincarnation, dreams, evolution and the purpose of existence. Crucially, it points the way towards the spiritualization of politics, economics, business, education, and wider society itself, all of which are vital steps if our species is to survive and thrive through the challenging times ahead.

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Bernardo Kastrup – Religion, Reality and The Meaning of Life: Part Two

June 30, 2016

Bernardo Kastrup - More Than Allegory 1

Bernardo Kastrup discusses his book More Than Allegory – On Religious Myth, Truth, and Belief. In a Universe seemingly devoid of meaning and purpose where matter is all that matters, our souls are at war with our intellects, and the consequences for life on Earth may yet prove disastrous. Maybe it is time for us to remember who we really are – both magician and audience, dreamer and dream, from a realm beyond language where time and space are illusions, and the very nature of truth itself may not be what it seems. We are the universe becoming aware of itself. We know what God cannot know.

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Rory Mac Sweeney – Orphans of the Stars

December 10, 2015

Rory Mac Sweeney

Dr. Rory Mac Sweeney discusses some of the ideas in his book The Paradox of Lucid Dreaming – A Metaphysical Theory of Mind. In this freewheeling, off-the-cuff chat we explore creativity, philosophy, the rise of independent media and the Internet and growing global interconnectedness, psychedelics and shamanism, the origin of life, the potential existence of meaning and purpose throughout the cosmos, and the fundamental nature of reality itself. Can something really be created from nothing, and if not, has something always existed? Perhaps the biggest question of all is not how, but why?

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Tom Campbell – Life, the Universe and Everything: Part Two

August 21, 2015

Tom Campbell 2

In this episode we delve into unseen realms, the nature of existence, the origin of the Universe, and that which lies beyond. Was the Big Bang real and if so, what lay behind it? Has something bigger than the Big Bang always existed? If not, can nothing exist? If nothing real can be truly infinite, where does infinity end? Are the ultimate origins of time and space themselves non-physical? Is our reality virtual, our Universe a simulation? In asking these questions, the limits of human knowledge are also probed. Simply put, we can never know what we do not know…

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Philip Comella – The Collapse of Materialism

June 27, 2015

Philip Comella

Philip Comella discusses his book The Collapse of Materialism – Visions of Science, Dreams of God. Can human consciousness be explained by Darwin and materialist science? Does matter exist outside of the mind, with no rationale or direction, the universe created completely by chance? Since ancient Greece, materialists have held that there is no room for purpose or design. We exist in a random and unconscious universe that has evolved through natural selection. However, a very different view of the universe and its creation has co-existed with the materialist point of view. In this version, the universe is the creation of a powerful and purposeful mind, one that exists outside of matter and is, in fact, the creator of matter. For millennia, these two opposing viewpoints have clashed, often with catastrophic results.

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