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COVID-19: Four Things to Watch For

September 22, 2020

What are the possible implications for personal freedom in the wake of the 2020 Coronavirus Crisis? Four points are briefly considered:

1. Social credit system – rewards for ‘good’ behaviour.
2. Mandatory vaccinations – ‘passport’ for international travel.
3. Digital currency – no cash, all transactions recorded.
4. Universal Basic Income – subsistence income instead of a job.



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Dr. Malcolm Torry – Why We Need A Citizen’s Income

June 27, 2013

Dr. Malcolm Torry discusses his new book Money For Everyone – Why We Need A Citizen’s Income. Due to government cuts, the benefits system in the UK is currently a hot topic. In this timely book, a Citizen’s Income (sometimes called a Basic Income) is defined as an unconditional, non-withdrawable income for every individual as a right of citizenship. Money for Everyone is the first book for over a decade to analyse the social, economic and labour market advantages of a Citizen’s Income. It demonstrates that it would be simple and cheap to administer, would reduce inequality, enhance individual freedom and would be good for the economy, social cohesion, families, and the employment market.

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