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Amit Goswami – Quantum Physics and the Meaning of Life

August 16, 2017

Amit Goswami 2

Amit Goswami discusses The Everything Answer Book: How Quantum Physics Explains Love, Death and the Meaning of Life.

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Goswami s basic premise is that quantum physics is not only the future of science, but also the key to understanding consciousness, life, death, God, and the meaning of life. Quantum physics offers an antidote to the moral sterility of scientific reductionism and mechanistic materialism, and holds the key to the clearest, most coherent understanding of our universe. In short, quantum physics is indeed the theory of everything. In The Everything Answer Book Goswami and his colleagues discuss, among other things, how quantum physics affects our understanding of thoughts, feelings and intuitions, karma, death and reincarnation, dreams, evolution and the purpose of existence. Crucially, it points the way towards the spiritualization of politics, economics, business, education, and wider society itself, all of which are vital steps if our species is to survive and thrive through the challenging times ahead.

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Courtney Brown – Remote Viewing Roswell, Rethinking Reality – Part One

June 8, 2017

Courtney Brown main

Courtney Brown discusses the Farsight Institute’s recent remote viewing project ‘Roswell – Crash at Corona’. In July 1947, an airborne object crashed at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico in the United States. Following intense initial interest in the object which was rumoured to be a ‘flying disc’ of unknown origin, the US military stated that it was merely a conventional weather balloon. Although interest in the incident persisted, it waned somewhat until the late 1970s, when ufologists began claiming that one or more alien spacecraft had crash-landed at Roswell, and that the extraterrestrial occupants had been recovered by the military, who then engaged in a cover-up. Then, during the 1990s, the US military published two reports insisting that the true nature of the crashed object was in fact simply a nuclear test surveillance balloon. However, controversy still surrounds Roswell with many researchers continuing to claim that the official story hides a much stranger and more shocking secret.

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Mark Vidler – Sacred Geometry of the Earth

May 15, 2016

Mark Vidler

Mark Vidler discusses Sacred Geometry of the Earth – The Ancient Matrix of Monuments and Mountains. From continent to continent across the globe, Mark Vidler and Catherine Young reveal that order is everywhere on Earth. On remote islands, soaring summits, and level deltas, they unveil natural topographic patterns related to pi, the golden ratio, and right-triangle geometry. And as the planet’s design emerges, it becomes clear that this hidden order in nature decided the location of ancient monuments the world over.

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Colin E. Davis & Melissa Mari – Cracking the Codes of Cosmic Darkness: Part One

March 25, 2016


Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari discuss their book Shadow Tech – Cracking the Codes of Personal and Collective Darkness. Is there a destructive force in the universe that we call evil, and if so, how does it work? Is culture related to dysfunction and disease? What is the nature of the shadow of the human psyche? Can any of this explain concepts of possession and demonic influence?

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James Swagger – Halloween is Not What it Seems…

October 31, 2015


James Swagger discusses the origins of Halloween. Most of us know little or nothing about the origins of Halloween. Beyond trick or treating, Jack-o’-lanterns and the piles of plastic bats and skulls that go from supermarket shelf to landfill in a matter of days, Halloween is by and large a mystery. Some possess a vague awareness of its ancient past, but the profound connections with nature and the cosmos from which our age-old rituals arose have been erased from the collective consciousness by centuries of religious persecution and secular humanism. Delving deep into the dark past, we attempt to dig up the almost fathomless roots of Halloween, from the Christianization of Samhain and other Pagan festivals, to tales of sacred bonfires and bloody sacrifice, and alegends of a liminal time when the veil between the real and the unreal would be swept aside.

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Graham Hancock – Magicians of the Gods

October 12, 2015

Graham Hancock

A giant comet that had entered the solar system from deep space thousands of years earlier, broke into multiple fragments, some of which struck the Earth causing devastation on a scale unseen since the extinction of the dinosaurs. The impacts from comet fragments a mile wide approaching at more than 60,000 miles an hour instantly liquidized millions of square miles of ice, destabilizing the Earth’s crust and causing the global Deluge that is remembered in myths all around the world. A second series of equally devastating impacts caused further cataclysmic flooding around 11,600 years ago, the exact date that Plato gives for the annihilation of Atlantis.

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Tom Campbell – Life, the Universe and Everything: Part Three

October 12, 2015

Tom Campbell 3

As well as continuing the themes from the first two parts, in this episode we contemplate the vastness of space and the seeming impossibility of intergalactic, interstellar, or even interplanetary travel. In the final analysis – if indeed any analysis can be deemed final – perhaps the road to other realms and the far reaches of the Universe begins within the maze of our own minds. Our endless quest to seek out extraterrestrial life – simultaneously hopeful and hopeless – may also begin and end within. But if indeed there is not one but many universes, then our place in whatever reality may or may not be becomes cast in a stark new light. We also explore the dream space, the strangeness of synchronicity, and the now popular concept that we create our own reality.

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Courtney Brown – Aliens On Iapetus

June 11, 2015

Courtney Brown 6

Courtney Brown discusses The Farsight Institute’s latest project Aliens On Iapetus. This remote viewing documentary focuses on what appears to be a huge set of structures on the surface of Iapetus, a moon of Saturn. The apparent structures are clearly visible in a photograph that was taken by the Cassini space probe that still orbits Saturn. We now know what these things are, who built them, and why. We also know what happened to those who stayed there, and how they died. This was not a military outpost, not a spy base, nor an industrial or mining location. It is actually more amazing than anything anyone could have imagined.

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Susan Martinez – Delusions in Science and Spirituality

May 16, 2015

Susan Martinez

Susan Martinez discusses her latest book Delusions in Science and Spirituality – The Fall of the Standard Model and the Rise of Knowledge from Unseen Worlds. What if science and society’s most cherished theories, taught as fact, were actually wrong? What if the anomalies that disprove these theories were covered up and distorted, and any serious challenges brushed off as lunacy, hysteria, pseudo-science or conspiracy? In this primer in deprogramming, Martinez reveals the disinformation at the root of mainstream consensus thinking. She punches gaping holes in the established theories of the Big Bang, Darwinian evolution, ice ages, and global warming. Drawing on the ancient science of the unseen and some of the most advanced thinkers in astrophysics, she explains a new ‘Theory of Everything’ to replace the standard model.

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Christopher Knight – God’s Blueprint

May 11, 2015

Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight discusses his latest book God’s Blueprint: Scientific Evidence that Earth was Created for Humans. God’s Blueprint puts the idea of God on trial. Whilst the issue has been hotly disputed over recent generations with scientists on one side and theologians on the other, evidence either way has been thin on the ground. Faith – belief without evidence – has been the basis for the world’s major religions. Most scientists reject the notion of God because they require factual, empirical evidence in order to accept any proposition as being real. However, new information is emerging which appears to suggest that there is underlying intelligence and purpose within the universe.

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