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Laurie Endicott Thomas – Control, Coercion and State Education

January 14, 2016

Laurie Endicott Thomas discusses her book Not Trivial – How Studying the Traditional Liberal Arts Can Set You Free.

Why are there so many problems within our modern education system? In theory, our schools should be better than they’ve ever been, but growing numbers of people are embarking on their adult lives as functionally illiterate. Despite the best efforts of educators, much of the system is thus increasingly unfit for purpose. This has enormous implications for society in general, and politics in particular. Is this by accident, or by design? Are there hidden agendas at work? Upon investigation, it would seem that the true purpose of compulsory state education is less about liberation and freedom of opportunity, and more about control, coercion, and churning out compliant consumers and obedient workers willing to take their allotted place in society’s hierarchy. When direct oppression is no longer possible, deliberate dumbing down will do just as well.

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