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Kirby Surprise – Synchronicity: Part One

August 2, 2013

Kirby Surprise discusses his book Synchronicity – The Art of Coincidence, Change, and Unlocking Your Mind.

This is a two part interview. Part two is here.

You have an amazing ability. Your thoughts and feelings, your memories and experiences, are reproduced in the events around you as coincidences. It’s not only you with this ability, it’s everyone. We all live in a reality in which our thoughts and emotions are mirrored back to us as synchronistic events. This is not some world of science fiction or fantasy; it’s the real world around you, at this very moment. This seemingly magical ability goes largely unnoticed, unexplained, and misunderstood. This ability is real. It’s not magic, but is the core of most myths about magic. Synchronicity is about getting orientated to powers you already use. If you would rather not spend time staring into the funhouse mirror of your own mind, you might want to turn your attention elsewhere. If, however, you would like to take the chance of embarking on an adventure of exploration through synchronicity, and don’t mind that certainty is nowhere to be found, stay tuned…

Bumper music: Cliff Martinez ‘Traffic OST’
Klaus Schulze ‘Die Geburt Der Tragodie’

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