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Andy Duncan – Democracy: The God That Failed

April 4, 2012

Andy Duncan on the ideas contained in Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s book Democracy – The God That Failed, a radical debunking of the political system widely considered to be the best framework that society has developed around which to structure itself. Democracy and democratic ideals are being aggressively exported worldwide by the US and its allies, but in reality, democracy itself may be leading us to disaster.

Andy Duncan is an Austrian economist in the tradition of Mises, Rothbard and Hoppe, and runs the educational website, He can occasionally be heard running his own podcast, Radio Free Market World Report, which can be found at He also works within the global banking industry as a freelance private educator, teaching many varied clients about derivatives pricing, securities analysis, and finance in general.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe, author of Democracy – The God That Failed, is a prominent Austrian school economist and libertarian anarcho-capitalist philosopher. He is a Professor Emeritus of economics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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