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Dr. Eric Karlstrom – The Political, Economic and Social Agendas of Climate Change

January 14, 2013

Dr. Eric Karlstrom on the political, economic and social agendas surrounding the issue of climate change. Dr. Karlstrom is a former Professor of Geography at California State University.

The World is clearly facing an environmental crisis. Some of the problems of pollution and resource depletion are so serious that they risk the extinction of entire species and perhaps even all life on Earth. More than any other risk, however, the danger posed by global warming – now known as ‘climate change’ – looms largest over the planet. The causes of climate change are hotly debated, but the dominant view today is that human activity – specifically the burning of fossil fuels and associated discharge of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the Earth’s atmosphere – is by far the most significant. As a result, massive programmes designed to permanently change our society, economy, lifestyle and the way we interact with nature are being implemented. These aim to drastically cut our energy use, material standard of living and, ultimately, the human population.

But what if the mainstream understanding of the causes of climate change is flawed? Is it possible that the shifts in weather activity we are witnessing are simply part of a much larger picture, one in which the Earth’s climate is forever changing and evolving over millions – even billions – of years? We undoubtedly need to use less energy, clean up the environment and conserve the valuable natural resources without which we cannot survive, but we must do so in the right way, and for the right reasons. Following years of research and with highly specialized knowledge, Dr. Karlstrom has concluded that the issue of climate change has been dangerously corrupted, and that it is being exploited to serve nefarious political, economic and social agendas.


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Ben Dyson – Positive Money: A Simple Solution to the Debt Crisis

January 7, 2013

Ben Dyson of Positive Money on the problems caused by our debt-based monetary system and some of the solutions which offer a way out. Positive Money is a not-for-profit research and campaign group who work to raise awareness of the connections between our current monetary and banking system and some of the biggest social, economic and environmental challenges that we face today.

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Andy Duncan – The Myths and Mysteries of Modern Money

December 19, 2012

Andy Duncan on the myths and mysteries of modern money. Austerity, bailouts, base rates, interest rates, LIBOR rates, deficit, default, derivatives, inflation, deflation, stagflation, negative equity, negative growth, quantitative easing, stimulus – just what on earth does it all mean? Does today’s financial and economic news leave you bored, bamboozled, apathetic or even angry? Can’t bear to hear any more bull about bulls and bears?

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Douglas Carswell – The End of Politics and the Birth of iDemocracy

December 3, 2012

Douglas Carswell MP on his latest book The End of Politics and the Birth of iDemocracy. The West is in crisis. Governments have grown too big, living beyond their means – and ours. The true costs of extra officialdom have been concealed. Parasitical politicians have been hopeless at holding to account the elites who now preside over us. As a result, Western nations are mired in debt and chronically misgoverned. Should we despair?

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Shaun Chamberlin – Energy, Environment and the Shift to Sustainability

November 24, 2012

Shaun Chamberlin on the Transition Network and the shift to a sustainable society in response to Global environmental and energy crises. Shaun is author of The Transition Timeline and blogs regularly at www.darkoptimism.org

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Richard Grove – What We Can All Learn from John Taylor Gatto

November 17, 2012

Richard Grove of Tragedy and Hope on the topic of compulsory public education and specifically the work of author and former New York schoolteacher of the year John Taylor Gatto, and the 2012 film The Ultimate History Lesson.

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Bruce Lipton – Science, Spirituality and the Global Shift in Consciousness

November 11, 2012

Bruce H Lipton, Ph.D. on his books The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution. Dr. Lipton is an internationally recognized authority on bridging science and spirit. His groundbreaking book The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles documents the amazing new awareness that is currently rewriting the science of biology and medicine – awareness that the mind’s perception of the environment, not genes, controls life at the cellular level. Dr. Lipton describes his own life as “radically transformed” because of his research: “Though I sought science as an alternate to accepting spiritual truths, lessons learned revealed that life was not an issue of science OR spirituality, it was an amalgam of science AND spirituality.”

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David Goodstein – The End of the Age of Oil

November 4, 2012

David Goodstein offers a stark assessment of the scientific, political, economic and social aspects of the looming global energy crisis which threatens the comfortable, complacent lifestyles so many of us take for granted. Professor Goodstein is a scientist, educator and author of Out of Gas: The End of the Age of Oil (2004) and co-author of Climate Change and the Energy Problem, A Physical Science and Economics Perspective (2012).

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Robert Schoch – Forgotten Civilization

October 28, 2012

Geologist Robert Schoch on his recent book Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future. Building upon Schoch’s revolutionary theory that the Sphinx dates back much further than 2500 BCE, Forgotten Civilization reveals scientific evidence of advanced civilization predating ancient Egypt, Sumeria, and Greece, as well as the catastrophe that destroyed it nearly 12,000 years ago and what its legacy can teach us about our own future.

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Steve Taylor – Back to Sanity: Healing the Madness of Our Minds

October 20, 2012

Steve Taylor on his book Back to Sanity – Healing the Madness of Our Minds. Have you ever thought that there might be something wrong with human beings, even that we might be slightly insane? Why is it that so many human beings are filled with a restless discontent, and an insatiable desire for material goods, status and power? Why is it that human history has been filled with endless conflict, oppression and inequality?

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