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Dick Allgire – The God Particle

December 21, 2013

Veteran journalist and remote viewer Dick Allgire discusses his documentary Hitomi and the God Particle which records one of the most fascinating remote viewing sessions ever produced. Remote viewing is the ability to perceive sensory information across space and time. Trained remote viewers are able to see, hear and feel distant locations and events using only their mind. Although this inherent human ability is as old as mankind, top-secret US military units subsequently developed structured methods of remote viewing as psychic spy technology. It was later declassified and taught to civilians who now comprise the bulk of remote viewers worldwide.

Hitomi and The God Particle follows psychotherapist Hitomi Akamatsu’s quest to master various forms of remote viewing. She traveled to Hawaii in 2012 for intensive training with the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild. She demonstrated a remarkable ability to see, sketch and describe things that were physically distant, without any foreknowledge of the target. During her training she was given a blind target – the creation of the Higgs-Boson subatomic reaction, the so-called ‘God Particle’, as sought by scientists at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland. Then she began a remarkable journey into the connection between matter and mind, and the consciousness of the universe itself.

Hitomi And The God Particle
Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild
The Farsight Institute

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Robert Feather – Black Holes in the Dead Sea Scrolls

December 13, 2013

Robert Feather discusses his book Black Holes in the Dead Sea Scrolls which makes revelations that pose major challenges to conventional interpretations of Judaism, Islam, Christianity and the Bible itself. The Dead Sea Scrolls were unearthed in 1947, and were quickly hailed as the greatest cultural discovery of the twentieth century. They can tell us a great deal about how to read and interpret the Bible as well as throwing light on the origins of the literary and philosophical traditions of the Western world. Ensuring the Scrolls are understood correctly is the urgent duty of the scholarly world, but this is not happening. Instead, there is procrastination, intrigue and secrecy surrounding their publication.

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Pete Wilky & Grov Moluvsky – Truthers on Scooters

December 7, 2013

Pete Wilky and Grov Moluvsky discuss their recent book The Difference We Make which presents a straight-talking, no-nonsense view of the corruption and abuses of governments and corporations through the lens of popular music culture. Although the tradition of music as a vehicle for protest and resistance has steadily been eroded by the corporate music industry, throughout the decades many grassroots movements have survived and even thrived amidst gathering tyranny and suppression. The Difference We Make takes a tour of Mod, Punk, Indie and many other music scenes that have spawned outspoken and controversial figures, talking to many well-known writers and musicians along the way. Music has the power to change human consciousness, but can it rise to the critical challenges of our age?

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Robert Howells – The Last Pope and the Fall of the Vatican

November 30, 2013

Robert Howells discusses his book The Last Pope – Francis and the Fall of the Vatican. Nearly a thousand years ago the Archbishop of Armagh, later canonised as St Malachy, made a series of prophecies that were hidden in the Vatican for 400 years. His predictions gave clues to the identities of the 109 Popes from medieval times to the present day, including the final Pope who would oversee the end of the Papacy and the fall of the Roman Catholic Church. The Last Pope examines the sudden ‘rediscovery’ of these prophecies in the 16th century and how they may have been used as propaganda in the campaign to promote Pope Gregory XIV to the papal throne.

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Dominic Frisby – Life After the State

November 22, 2013

Writer and comedian Dominic Frisby discusses his new book Life After the State. Have you got the feeling that things are spiraling out of control, that politics has lost its way and that – despite government promises – nothing ever changes? Well, you’re right. In every instance where government gets involved in people’s lives with a desire to do good, it can always be relied on to make the situation much, much worse. Yet despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, we imagine that a world without the state would be a wild and terrifying place. With wit and devastating clarity of argument, Frisby shows that human nature proves the opposite to be true.

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Guy McPherson – Earth Extinction 2030

November 15, 2013

Guy McPherson discusses his latest book Going Dark. We are the last individuals of our species on Earth. How shall we respond? How shall we act? If industrial civilization is maintained, climate change will cause human extinction in the near term. If industrial civilization falls, sufficient ionizing radiation will be released from the world’s nuclear power plants to cause human extinction in the near term. In the wake of this horrific conclusion, conservation biologist McPherson proposes we act with compassion, courage, and creativity.

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Doug Lain – The Dream of Reality

November 8, 2013

Writer, blogger and podcaster Doug Lain discusses his novel Billy Moon and some of the associated ideas and concepts. Topics discussed include fiction vs non-fiction, science fiction, culture, control, the meaning of meaning, surrealism, philosophy, paradox, dreams, and the nature of reality.

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William Buhlman – Adventures in the Afterlife

October 31, 2013

William Buhlman discusses out of body experiences and his latest book Adventures in the Afterlife, a powerful journey of spiritual awakening and a bold quest for answers and enlightenment. The old assumptions of heaven are confronted and an expansive new vision of our continuing life is presented. After being diagnosed with cancer, William pursued answers to the mysteries of our existence after death. Confronting his mortality, he experienced profound insights into what lies beyond our physical body. Our journey into the next life is the basis for Adventures in the Afterlife. The author chronicles his out of body experiences and lucid dreams, and although the insights are sometimes surprising, a clear message is always apparent; we are powerful, spiritual beings and we shape our reality now and in the future.

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Luigi Sciambarella – Altered States, Lucid Dreams and The Evolution of Consciousness

October 25, 2013

Luigi Sciambarella of The Monroe Institute discusses altered states, lucid dreams and the evolution of consciousness. Out of body experiences (OBEs) and other altered states of consciousness offer some of the most compelling evidence that reality extends beyond our five senses, and that consciousness itself transcends death. These experiences can also lead to awareness that the universe is fundamentally a multidimensional energy field and that all things within it are interconnected. Such realizations hold powerful potential for personal growth, self-healing, problem solving, creativity and – ultimately – profound spiritual awakening.

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Anthony Peake – The Infinite Mindfield

October 18, 2013

Anthony Peake discusses his book The Infinite Mindfield: The Quest to Find the Gateway to Higher Consciousness. The Infinite Mindfield uses as its starting point the widespread historical belief that the pineal gland – the ‘third eye’ – is a profoundly important organ. It links this to the various myths, originating in ancient Sumer, that ‘dragons’ or ‘serpents’ have guided humanity and presents evidence that these beings are symbolic of DNA. It is now known that DNA gives off a form of light known as bioluminescence. This information-rich ‘inner light’ needs an organ of sight to process it – that organ is the pineal gland. It is through this small organ that we ‘perceive’ the inner worlds of lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, hypnagogic imagery, near-death experiences, astral travel and the kundalini experience.

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