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Paul Devereux – Stone Age Soundtracks

April 28, 2016

Paul Devereux

Paul Devereux discusses his book Stone Age Soundtracks – The Acoustic Archaeology of Ancient Sites. Until recently, almost all archaeological insights have been gleaned by looking at ancient remains. Now archaeologists are starting to think beyond the visual. One of the most exciting branches of the new multi-sensory archaeology is archaeoacoustics, the archaeology of sound. Ancient civilizations developed far more than fine artwork and magnificent monuments. In songs to their gods, laments for their dead, and the universal human quest for the supernatural, people also made some very strange noises.

Boulders and stalactites incised with prehistoric rock art that ring like bells and gongs, a Bronze Age ‘stone drum’ alongside a Russian lake that can be heard for miles when struck, ancient rock paintings and petroglyphs that have secret ‘soundtracks’, Mayan ruins that emit echoes mimicking the calls of sacred birds, mysterious temples and tombs possessing eerie acoustic effects, Amazonian shamans who use subtle sounds to guide people through drug-induced visionary states, Stone Age musical instruments, and megalithic sites that seem to move when subjected to certain sounds… all this and much more is explored in Stone Age Soundtracks. “Without acoustics, archaeology is deaf…” And in looking back to hear the old stones speak, maybe we can learn how to move forward.

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Frank Joseph – Our Dolphin Ancestors

April 19, 2016

Frank Joseph

Frank Joseph discusses his book Our Dolphin Ancestors – Keepers of Lost Knowledge and Healing Wisdom. Wild animals avoid contact with humans, but wild dolphins seek us out to play and socialize, even going so far as to voluntarily rescue people from drowning. What explains this remarkable natural affinity? Revealing the evolutionary basis for our special relationship with dolphins, Frank Joseph explains how we are both descendants of the same ancient branch of humanity. Building upon the aquatic ape theory, he details how we both began on land but devastating floods forced our distant ancestors into the seas, where humanity developed many of the traits that set us apart from other primates, such as our instinctive diving reflex and our newborns’ ability to swim. But while some of the aquatic apes returned to land, later evolving into modern humans, some remained in the cradle of the ocean and became our dolphin cousins.

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Colin E. Davis & Melissa Mari – Cracking the Codes of Cosmic Darkness: Part Two

April 16, 2016


Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari discuss their book Shadow Tech – Cracking the Codes of Personal and Collective Darkness. In the follow-up to our first interview we further discuss the nature of evil as a non-local force communicable across the energetic field which exists between individuals, groups, and entire species. It is the shadow side of the human psyche known down the ages as demons, evil spirits, and possession, amongst other things. It is viral and parasitic in nature, operating within the biological computer, the hardware of the body, and the software of the mind. Human culture, therefore, is like a computer network, and deep within it politics, economics, the media, and every tentacle of our tremulous civilization twists and tortures our subconscious. We are, however, not completely helpless. In acknowledging what ails us and summoning the courage to confront it, we have at least a chance of cutting out this cancer before it kills the host.

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J.M. Harrison – Humanity, Insanity, and the Ascent of the Soul

April 10, 2016

J.M. Harrison

Jonathan Harrison discusses his book You Are This: Awakening to the Living Presence of Your Soul. Whether step by step or in the wake of sudden shocks, increasing numbers of people are questioning the meaning of their lives and that of the world around them. As a result, some are even drawn to doubt their own sanity. But what at first might appear as a disastrous disintegration of daily life may in fact emerge as a revitalising re-birth; the dawning of a wider reality and a deeper sense of self infinitely more meaningful than the maze of matter-of-fact materialism through which so many of us have wandered for millennia.

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Ken Elliott – Manifesting and the Mind-Matter Matrix

April 5, 2016

Ken Elliott

Ken Elliott discusses his book Manifesting 1 2 3. For many years, the concept of manifesting has inspired countless individuals striving to improve their lives. Always one of the most popular areas in the Mind, Body & Spirit section of bookshops, titles such as The Secret and literally thousands of similar publications offer tantalising glimpses of how The Law of Attraction and other ‘positive thinking’ practices can bring about profound changes in our being. For millions, sadly, the result has been little more than disappointment and frustration as, despite months or even years of wish lists, vision boards and workshops, their hopes and dreams somehow fail to materialize. So is there, after all, real substance to any of this? Or is it merely New Age snake oil peddled to the lost and alone?

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Colin E. Davis & Melissa Mari – Cracking the Codes of Cosmic Darkness: Part One

March 25, 2016


Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari discuss their book Shadow Tech – Cracking the Codes of Personal and Collective Darkness. Is there a destructive force in the universe that we call evil, and if so, how does it work? Is culture related to dysfunction and disease? What is the nature of the shadow of the human psyche? Can any of this explain concepts of possession and demonic influence?

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Rory Mac Sweeney – Wide Asleep, Deep Awake

March 12, 2016

Rory Mac Sweeney 3

Dr. Rory Mac Sweeney discusses some of the ideas in his book The Paradox of Lucid Dreaming – A Metaphysical Theory of Mind. During the show, we further probe the blurring boundaries between the micro world of quantum physics and the macro realm of our so-called reality, and those between the waking and dreaming states of consciousness. It would appear that as these apparently discrete worlds collide and cross over, the gulf between mind and matter, between thought and the physical realm, is narrowing at an increasing rate.

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Tara-Jenelle Walsch – Soul Courage: Living From the Inside Out

March 10, 2016

Tara Jenelle Walsch

Tara-Jenelle Walsch discusses her book Soul Courage. Have you ever thought about who you really are and why you’re here? Most people share the understanding that life is about more than the experiences of the body and the mind, but it takes a special kind of courage to also engage one’s soul in our daily encounters.

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Gary Lachman – The Secret Teachers of the Western World

February 23, 2016

Gary Lachman 3

Gary Lachman discusses his book The Secret Teachers of the Western World. This epic study unveils the esoteric masters who have covertly impacted the intellectual development of the West. Running alongside the mainstream of Western intellectual history there is another current which, in a very real sense, should take pride of place, but which for the last few centuries has occupied a shadowy, inferior position, somewhere underground. In this clarifying, accessible, and fascinating study, Lachman explores the Western esoteric tradition as a thought movement with ancient roots and modern expressions, which, in a broad sense, regards the cosmos as a living, spiritual, meaningful being and humankind as having a unique obligation and responsibility within it. This is in stark contrast to much of modern science, which sees the universe as a meaningless flow of matter and energy, and human beings as pointless accidents.

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Steve Taylor – Not I, Not Other Than I

February 15, 2016

Steve Taylor 2

Steve Taylor discusses Russel Williams’ book Not I, Not Other Than I: The Life and Teachings of Russel Williams. Russel Williams is one of the most remarkable enlightened spiritual teachers of our time. After an early life of extreme hardship leaving school at the age of 11, and becoming an orphan shortly afterwards, he underwent a spiritual awakening at the age of 29. Since the late 1950s, he has been a spiritual teacher, and is still actively teaching now, at the age of 94. Previously, Russel has avoided publicity and never published any writings or transcripts of his talks, preferring to work quietly with small groups. Not I, Not Other Than I is the first time any details of his teachings or of his life have appeared in print. The book is partly a record of his teachings, and partly the story of his extraordinary life. We also discuss the evolution of consciousness, the process of personal awakening, and the crumbling barriers between contemporary science and spirituality.

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