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Jay Dyer – Magic, Mass Media and the Mind Control Matrix

November 21, 2015

Jay Dyer

We live in a world of illusion, a realm of the unreal. The primal impulses and drives so central to our being – for meaning, purpose, oneness, and love – are diminished and driven out amid the avalanche of disinformation, duplicity and deceit under which we labour, day in, day out. Our culture has become corrupted, our instincts corroded, and the very idea of truth lost in a sea of lies. Many among us think that it has always been so; still others see a species simply gone astray, forlornly searching once more for the way from which we wandered on some fateful day.

And yet within this matrix of manipulation, we can discover patterns of programming, many of which, while having ancient origins, point to a very modern purpose. An agenda whose endgame is encoded in the symbols and signs that surround us is being expertly executed moment by moment, moving humanity, the Earth itself, and maybe much, much more than that towards a goal impossibly vast. Wading into the world of conspiracy theories, the swamp of secret societies, and a great deal more, we explore intriguing ideas and wild speculation alike, and along the way uncover a decidedly dark and disturbing picture.


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Courtney Brown – Death in Dallas: Remote Viewing JFK

November 11, 2015


Farsight Institute director Courtney Brown discusses their latest remote viewing project The JFK Assassination. The assassination of US president John F. Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963 remains one of the most controversial events in world history. The official story – that Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman acting alone – has been hotly disputed almost from the start. Indeed, along with the Apollo moon missions and the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the JFK assassination has been the popular subject of numerous so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ as everyone from serious researchers to outright cranks formulate their own version of the fateful day’s events.

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Tom Campbell – Life, the Universe and Everything: Part Five

November 6, 2015

Tom Campbell 5

As well as continuing the themes from the first four parts, in this episode we consider human nature, our collective culture and what lies ahead of us in the future. While it appears that human consciousness has an inbuilt capacity for fear, its origins in the fight or fight mechanism have for millennia been supplanted by an irrational tendency towards a reflexive terror of the unknown – fear by default. Such fear is simply debilitating, and has been further mutated over time into fear of each other and even ourselves. As we race headlong into a still-new millennium brimming with uncertainty, instability and converging crises, our challenge is to transcend our outdated paradigms and change our systems as we change ourselves. Even as the realms of energy, economy and environment erupt and explode, we can recognize that cosmically, we are but children, and that we have the capacity to mature and make better decisions. Existential questions remain: are we alone, the most interesting item in the universe, the rest just lights in the sky? The answers to such questions become questions once more, and the answers return us to the riddles of the ages. In the end, however, there is a purpose to our existence – to learn, to evolve, to become more, to love, and to let go of fear.

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James Swagger – Halloween is Not What it Seems…

October 31, 2015


James Swagger discusses the origins of Halloween. Most of us know little or nothing about the origins of Halloween. Beyond trick or treating, Jack-o’-lanterns and the piles of plastic bats and skulls that go from supermarket shelf to landfill in a matter of days, Halloween is by and large a mystery. Some possess a vague awareness of its ancient past, but the profound connections with nature and the cosmos from which our age-old rituals arose have been erased from the collective consciousness by centuries of religious persecution and secular humanism. Delving deep into the dark past, we attempt to dig up the almost fathomless roots of Halloween, from the Christianization of Samhain and other Pagan festivals, to tales of sacred bonfires and bloody sacrifice, and alegends of a liminal time when the veil between the real and the unreal would be swept aside.

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Bryan Hubbard – The Untrue Story of You

October 23, 2015

Bryan Hubbard

Bryan Hubbard discusses his book The Untrue Story of You. You are the central player in the drama of your life, and sometimes it all becomes too much and you get angry, depressed, anxious, irritated, or suffer from addictions. And because you’re the central player, you try to do something about these negative behaviour patterns. Maybe you do inner work, or seek therapy or counselling, or even lust after yet more material possessions, in the desperate hope that they will paper over the cracks in your soul. Some attempt to become more ‘spiritual’, to find a guru in a quest to become enlightened. And when you do any or all of these things, everyone else goes along with the idea that you’re the central player who can control or change your behavior. But this is the greatest illusion of all time.

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Tom Campbell – Life, the Universe and Everything: Part Four

October 16, 2015

Tom Campbell 4

As well as continuing the themes from the first three parts, in this episode we explore Tom’s pioneering research at The Monroe Institute, hypnagogia and dreams, psychedelic drugs, levels of reality which have different rules from our own, the nature of time and the malleability of past and future, and the possibility that if we can finally let go of fear, ego, and belief, we too can access amazing abilities allowing us to transcend the so-called ‘normal’ three-dimensional waking state that we too often assume is all that really exists.

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Randolph J. Rogers – The Key of Life

October 12, 2015

Randy Rogers 4

Randy Rogers discusses his book The Key of Life – A Metaphysical Investigation. In just about everyone’s life, there comes a time when they may question their reason for existing. For Randy Rogers that journey began one day in June of 1995, as he began a metaphysical quest along a cryptic path that at times caused him to question his own sanity. The emotional ride that developed threatened to tear apart everything he had worked so hard to accomplish, and the only thing sustaining him was an undying belief that events would unfold to prove that he was on the right course. It’s a true story, about who we are, why we are here and how we are all connected; a tale of past lives, present circumstances, synchronicity, and reincarnation. It may inspire you to interpret the synchronicities in your own life, experience the extraordinary, and unlock the meaning of life – past, present, and future.

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Graham Hancock – Magicians of the Gods

October 12, 2015

Graham Hancock

A giant comet that had entered the solar system from deep space thousands of years earlier, broke into multiple fragments, some of which struck the Earth causing devastation on a scale unseen since the extinction of the dinosaurs. The impacts from comet fragments a mile wide approaching at more than 60,000 miles an hour instantly liquidized millions of square miles of ice, destabilizing the Earth’s crust and causing the global Deluge that is remembered in myths all around the world. A second series of equally devastating impacts caused further cataclysmic flooding around 11,600 years ago, the exact date that Plato gives for the annihilation of Atlantis.

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Tom Campbell – Life, the Universe and Everything: Part Three

October 12, 2015

Tom Campbell 3

As well as continuing the themes from the first two parts, in this episode we contemplate the vastness of space and the seeming impossibility of intergalactic, interstellar, or even interplanetary travel. In the final analysis – if indeed any analysis can be deemed final – perhaps the road to other realms and the far reaches of the Universe begins within the maze of our own minds. Our endless quest to seek out extraterrestrial life – simultaneously hopeful and hopeless – may also begin and end within. But if indeed there is not one but many universes, then our place in whatever reality may or may not be becomes cast in a stark new light. We also explore the dream space, the strangeness of synchronicity, and the now popular concept that we create our own reality.

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Greg Moffitt on Reality Check Podcast with Dr. Rory Mac Sweeney

October 12, 2015

Reality Check Podcast 2

Join Dr. Rory Mac Sweeney of Reality Check Podcast and Greg Moffitt of Legalise Freedom as they open up a can of wormholes in the nature of reality. This is a short sample. Full show available here: http://www.wakeupinyourdreams.com/blog/fellow-podcaster-greg-moffitt/

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